Get started with Perl on Docker


Docker is the modern way for distribute applications. It allows you to create a deployable entity that will run in the same way on almost every *unix platform without the need to install anything more than same basic dependencies required by Docker itself. An ideal choice to run a code sample, a testing environment or your production application. Let’s see how to use it to run a simple Perl script. Read more

Upload huge files with Perl’s LWP::UserAgent

Everybody who work with Perl knows LWP::UserAgent, the most used library when you need to work with HTTP connections.

The library has some methods that cover the most common usage cases, such as GET and POST request.
If you need something more particular you have to set up a HTTP::Request object and pass it to LWP::UserAgent’s request method. I don’t think I’m saying something unexpected.

I recently got some problems by sending a bug file. It wasn’t really big because I’m talking about a 100 MB file, but it was bit enough to send my small VPS server out of memory. This was because I needed to pass it as raw POST payload for Google Drive API and to do that I was slurping it into memory. A bad idea.

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